Friday, August 07, 2009

New Pond Visitor

There are many birds I am not familiar with. Shorebirds are one of those. Sometimes one will turn up at the pond near the visitor center. Usually it is a lone bird, off course, taking a little break. It's here for a few hours than gone.

And so it was today. I glanced out the window and saw it just standing there, bobbing it's head up and down. It wasn't too concerned with the few people who were milling around, including myself, as long as we didn't get too close.

We've had a Spotted Sandpiper, Wilson's Phalarope, Wilson's Snipe, and a couple of Snowy Egrets. But this one was new. I tried and tried to make it a Pectoral Sandpiper, or a Short-billed Dowitcher, in the end, however, I am pretty certain it is a Lesser Yellowlegs.

This isn't the first time I've seen one, but it's the first one we have recorded showing up in the park.


Felicia said...

Nice shots! Yellowlegs are pretty birds, and it must have been fun getting a park record! I've also been procrastinating at learning my shorebirds (and I lived by the beach for years...)

Marlo said...

cool pics.

Jenny said...

Nice pictures! Seth is with me, and he is really excited about that bird! It is probably best he watch the uncommon ones on the computer, if he were anywhere nearby, you would just have to post a picture of the grass the Yellow Legs was standing in. :)