Saturday, August 08, 2009

A Nice Walk

Yesterday the weather was perfectly beautiful. There were some clouds, but the temperature was perfect. So to kill a little time between programs, I took a short hike just to see what I could find.

The birds were very active. Especially Spotted Towhees. I got some good looks at a few, others were more elusive. If you click on this picture, you can get a good look at the red eye.

Along the trail, I found a nice bunch of Service Berries.

Mmmm. Don't they look good?

I thought so. And not long after taking this picture, I wished I had more.

My walk ended on a nice note, with this Western Tanager popping up just long enough to get his picture taken.


deejbrown said...

Great photos! What do service berries taste like?

Sparverius said...

Service berries taste yummy. :) Sweet, a little like honey. But then, how do you describe a taste? I introduced them to some scouts today, and they loved 'em.