Friday, October 30, 2009

Full Moon

It's almost the full moon! Spooky.

What will you be doing for Halloween? I'll be sitting at home getting my yearly fill of "The Changeling." Not the new one..oh no. This is the classic 1980 version with George C. Scott. A wonderful ghost story. I've watched it nearly every year since I was a wee child.


RLRP said...

No way. That movie scares the CRAP out of me!

Jenny said...

A bit of spooky for Halloween is great, for those of us not petrified by our own shadow!! Enjoy your show. :)

jefferies said...

hahaha! Were you there at my mom's house when we were watching that with a bunch of Brighton staff and Chaco wouldn't stop laughing hysterically at the very scary parts? Love that movie, but it will never be the same after that!