Friday, October 16, 2009

October in the Wasatch Mountains

The weather has been beautiful. We did have some snow early in the month, but that didn't seem to damper the beauty. There is still some great color in them hills.

My job sometimes requires (allows) me to get out on the trails to work on signs, or scout out a route for an upcoming tour. I had that chance a couple of times this past few weeks. I just wanted to share some of the beauty.

I was listening to an NPR broadcast about the need for play in the lives of children. Without it they loose their sense of wonder, curiosity, and imagination. I think that is one reason I love being out in nature - because there is always something wonderful to see or discover. It's okay to let yourself become lost in wonder.


deejbrown said...

You are serving something greater than yourself. It's not just a job, even if it feels like it....

noflickster said...

Beautiful shots of a beautiful time of year, but I have one quibble with the NPR story:

"I was listening to an NPR broadcast about the need for play in the lives of children."

I think the "need for play" extends to everyone, not just children!

Sparverius said...

Mike, I totally agree!

Jenny said...

The need for play is what I keep telling teachers when they send home tons of homework!!!! :) Thanks so much for the photos. They are beautiful. You are fortunate to see it with your own eyes and draw in big gulps of fresh air. :)

Harvey Schmidt said...