Thursday, December 31, 2009

Avoiding Video Games

School being out as it is for a few more days means the kids are home, and bored, and love playing video games - the really loud, shoot 'em up, killing kind. Well, my little nerves can only take so much of that, so I took another walk along the Jordan River yesterday. Awe. Peace and quite and beauty and some good birds.

A flock of about 10 White-crowned Sparrows. Pretty little birds.

Another Kestrel. Probably the same one from the day before.

Not birds, but still very pretty to watch.

And one I don't often see - a Wilson's Snipe.

The snipe making an escape from the camera.

Other birds today included Mourning Doves, a Cooper's Hawk, House Finch, many House Sparrows, Starlings, about 25 Canada Geese, Song Sparrow, Juncos, and others.

Taking walks on winter days is quite peaceful.


r4i said...

These all photos are very nice and attractive.These all photos are awesome like these all photos.Thanks for this one.

Felicia said...

Lovely shots--I love the look for the birds against the snow; it looks so peaceful. I guess the cold doesn't bother them!

Jenny said...

Thanks for all the photos. Next time, call me, and I'll walk with you I need some quiet too! :) I promise not to scare the birds.

Wendy said...

Jenny, next time I go, I will call you. :)

deejbrown said...

Feels like I am out there walking in the quiet with you!