Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A new twist

I know my blog has never been strictly a blog about nature, but that was the initial focus, and it is what occupies the majority of the entries. And it will continue in that direction, no doubt.

Often, however, there are other things going on that I would like to record here. If not for my followers, then just for my focus. So I've adjusted the title of my blog ever so slightly and given myself permission to include "other things".

One of those is my efforts at taking care of my body better. I have never had problems with my weight or my health. My body has done a good job at taking care of me. But I have been kind of a slacker at taking care of it. Not by neglect so much, as by no real focus on it. Okay, okay. Sometimes I foucs on getting into better physical shape. And I do watch and monitor what I eat. I guess my body is just asking me to be more consistant. And I'm listening.

So I've set myself some goals. I really enjoy biking...when I get motivated enough to get my butt in the sadle and go. Which happens far less than my body and I would like. So this year, I will be biking in the Salt Lake Marathon Bike Tour in April, and in August I will be riding in the ULCR (Utah Lake Century Ride - 100 miles around Utah Lake).

My body is slowly getting used to the idea of moving more. For the past two days, my roommate and I have gotten up early (by necessity), went to the gym, came home and ate breakfast. Today that was followed directly by a nap that stretched from the intended 30 minutes, to 2 hours. I guess I'm asking a lot of my good body here. But we'll all get used to it. Tomorrow is a workout break, then the rest of the week the workouts are in the evening. 

Other than needing that 2 hour nap, I am already feeling the benefits of consitant movement and good food intake. Our bodies are pretty special. I hope mine continues to take care of me for many more years.


Jenny said...

Good job, Wendy! Are we the same age, or what? The feelings you expressed match what I have been thinking as well. I haven't decided what to do about it, but I cheer for you and I'm excited about your biking!

Jay said...

I love to bicycle too. Now that I work the PM shift I can ride in the mornings again. All those months of getting up in the dark to nordic track did wonders for my endurance. Keep that roommate of your moving ;)