Saturday, February 12, 2011


I love when I hear these words - "Hey Wendy, what kind of bird is this?", because it usually means it isn't one that is commonly hanging around the bird feeders.

Oh cool (as I sprint back to get my binoculars).

My boss comes to look. "It's a Kestrel."

"Oh, it is not." I say. He shoves me for my retort.

It's a sharp-shinned hawk.

When you put up a bird feeder, you're bound to feed more than just the little song birds. 


Jenny said...

gorgeous! (shove him back!)

Patricia Lichen said...

Ooh, I had a sharpie that returned to my backyard feeder year after year. I didn't mind when it picked off the juncoes, but I've got a soft spot for chickadees and always hoped they'd escape. I've read that sharpies sometimes use neighborhood bird feeders like trap lines--they travel to each one to see if any dinner is available!

Love the photos--I never got any good ones.