Sunday, July 31, 2011

Living on the Island

Last week was my first week living in the park house out on Antelope Island. My mom came with me to help clean and get things ready to move the little furniture in that I have. She did most of the cleaning - three bathrooms (that needed a lot of work) and then she and I cleaned the kitchen and dining room from top to bottom. It is finally livable. I still have rooms to paint which will come little by little.  But it's coming together and feeling like a home.

Being out there full time gave us the chance to witness some of the most incredible sunsets you could imagine. The golden light of the setting sun reflecting off the water and scattered clouds was amazing and so relaxing. It is quiet on the island other than the occasional bird call and the buzz of insects.

To someone who may just be visiting the island for one day, driving through the park for an hour or two, or just stopping in to the visitor center, there may be some question as to what this island has to offer. What's all the hub-ub about? To these individuals, I would say the beauty is in the details. In the little things. It's in the millions of birds that take refuge here. It's in the wonder of seeing a pronghorn, bison, coyote, a bird of prey soaring over the grassland, a black-tailed jackrabbit. It's in the wonder of watching a column of midges dancing along the shoreline. In the discreet growth of native grasses, flowers, shrubs and other vegetation. It's in the smell of the salt water carried by the wind.  It's in the expansive views of the lake. In the sunset, the sunrise and the thousands of stars at night.

I'm looking forward to getting to know the island better.


Jenny said...

Careful, I may invite myself to stay with you when I need a change in my details. :)

Wendy said...

Jenny, consider yourself invited - any time. The sunsets and quiet out here are incredible.

Grandma said...

I loved my time there, even though I worked very hard. I loved the quiet, the amazing sunsets and the ligths from the city to the East refledted on the lake at night. I felt at peace and all the hard work was good for me. I need to go back and spend some time again.

Oak in the Seed said...

I have not visited your lovely blog for awhile but you can be sure I will be back. What an opportunity to be there...and what a lovely and sensitive writer you have become. Thank you!