Monday, August 08, 2011

We've Got Fire

Yep, Thursday night about 9 pm I looked out my front window, and there it was. Burning a nice doughnut shape in the field above the Bison Corrals.

It didn't take long after I called it in for an army of fire-fighters to show up, along with other Park personnel.

I helped evacuate the campers, and then was available for questions, running around, what ever.

The fire burned pretty close to my house, so two fire trucks were stationed there to handle that. It turned out just fine.

In the end about 660 acres burned along with some of the corral fence. But no structures were damaged.

The Island is pretty dry right now, so I suspect that won't be last fire we have this season.

And I'll be there to spot it when it happens. 

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Jenny said...

Fire makes me nervous!!!