Thursday, August 18, 2011

Master Naturalist Class

This week I have been involved with the Utah Master Naturalist Class focusing on mountains. This is the third of three modules the UMN Program offers. The first two were Aquatic Systems and Deserts. This current one may be my favorite so far - possibly because we have spent so much time out in the field.

I do have a few pics, which I'll share in another post. But right now I just wanted to report that during yesterday's class, we were lucky enough to find marmot scat and a den site, coyote scat, and a large gathering of porcupine scat. We weren't sure what the porcupine scat was to begin with, but after collecting one piece and studying it at home, I have come to that conclusion.

At the time we found the scat, my camera had run out of battery power, otherwise I would share that wonderful scat discovery with you.

We also saw and identified lots and lots of wildflowers and several evergreen trees.


Jenny said...

How did you conclude that it was porcupine scat? What do they eat or what tipped you off? Looking forward to your pictures.

Kim said...

Marmots and porcupines are fun to watch. I've been seeing porcupines up on the mesa a lot more frequently lately...I wonder why?

Sybil said...

Found your site via Nature Posts and am intrigued by your occupation and location. Hope I don't have to wait too long for a post on how things are doing there.

Best wishes,
Sybil in Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia

Wendy said...


I hope you don't have to wait too long either. :) I now have limited internet, so it all depends on how my work day goes on whether or not I can post new stuff. I have many ideas going in my head, though.