Sunday, March 25, 2012

Simple Focus

I always have such big ideas about blogging, and getting my blog up and active again. Okay, maybe not big ideas, but ideas, nevertheless. Sometimes big.

I make token efforts from time to time. Those efforts succeed to varying degrees. I've always wondered why that is. There is so much to write about. So much to discover and explore. Especially now, working and living out here on Antelope Island 4 days a week. Antelope Island and Great Salt Lake are treasure troves of natural discovery.

And then it hit me. The abundance of opportunities to explore and discover, and then the desire to write about those things has overwhelmed my ability to do just that. There is so much to blog about I actually feel overwhelmed and inadequate to do any of it justice. And so it has actually made my mind go blank with regards to blogging. I think I want to do too much, say too much, go into such great detail that I end up feeling overwhelmed and not writing anything.

So I'm making a mental change of focus. Rather than thinking I need to be all eloquent and full of wisdom, I simply wish to share some of my experiences with nature in short, simple ways.

So here you go:

I was out with a school group on a short hike out to Lady Finger Point. The day was incredibly windy and little chilly. I expected to see few if any wildlife, maybe a few birds, and if lucky a rabbit. We did see one rabbit, and a few birds. But we also had a nice surprise by a visit from a somewhat cold, and slow-moving Gopher Snake.

I carefully picked it up and talked about some of the ways you could tell it was a gopher snake, and non-venomous. Then the only girl in the group wanted to hold it, while the boys took turns being nervous, then relenting to touch it.

After a minute, we let the snake go into the bushes, and continued on our way.

That was a highlight for my day.  I'm a simple girl.


Sybil said...

Is it possible to subscribe to your blog via email ?

Wendy said...


I just added a link on the side bar where you can subscribe to get my entries via email.

Thanks for asking.

Jenny said...

I'm so scared of snakes!!!

Kim said...

I love gopher snakes! Thanks for sharing! I got to pet a boa constrictor the other day and it was really cool.