Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Neighborly Visit

I am sitting in my living room with the blinds open to the "front yard". The air is perfectly pleasant, and I just replaced some of the damaged screens, so I had the window opened a crack to let the air and the sounds in.

Do you know the sound of a Western Meadowlark? If not you really should click on that link back there, because I can't mimic them, especially in writing. But they have a wonderful song. It's most cheerful in the morning and the evening. So their voices filled the room and brought a smile to my heart.

As I was thinking about writing about them, I heard a crunching noise outside just behind where my chair sits. As I craned my neck around, this is who I saw:

Pictures don't really do justice to how massive this guy is. And I wish the detail on his face was visible (this pic was with my phone and through the window, but still). It certainly increases the intimidation level to see that black face, and those dark, round eyes staring you down.

He watched me for a few moments, then continued on his way, past two large boulders and an apple tree. I hoped these might help you visualize his size. I'm still not sure it really does it. I bet he weighed upwards of 1700 lbs (maybe more).

Now the clouds are rolling in. A few drops of rain have fallen. It promises to be a very windy, worry about your satellite dishes blowing off the roof, night.

And the Meadowlarks are still singing.


Rachel said...

Yes, we don't get many bison roaming through our neighborhood these days! How cool. And I have to tell you that I grew up calling the call of the meadowlark "the spanish hills bird." That was the name of our colorado neighborhood and we heard its call all the time - I've always loved it. I only learned that it was the meadowlark recently. Fun post. Happy birthday next week!

Jay said...

The Meadowlark is my favorite bird call - reminds me of home and my Mom outside hanging the clothes on the line.