Friday, May 04, 2012

Summer of Salt

I have been asked to participate in the second season of the fantastic blog Summer of Salt.

If you've ever wondered what's so great about Great Salt Lake (or even if you haven't), this blog is for you.

I met with the main blogging crew this past week and we have a fantastic season lined up. Sun, salt, stars, hikes, tunnels, sailing, spiders, dusty roads, bugs and birds. It's all there and more. I look forward to getting to know Great Salt Lake, and the Summer of Salt crew, better. And I look forward to sharing it with you. 

So I hope you'll consider coming along this summer on our journey of exploration.


Sybil said...

I'm very keen to hear about your summer of "Sun, salt ...and birds".

The Great Salt Lake ? THE Great Salt Lake ? The one where you CAN'T sink ?

That's about all I know about it ... eager to hear more ...

Wendy said...

Sybil, yes, THE Great Salt Lake! I have a link on the left side of my blog with the Summer of Salt on there. Keep an eye out for new posts, and I'll mention them in the main body as well.

Hope you enjoy it!